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Furniture Packages and Interior Design Costa del Sol

Lyle Pewsey. Architecture and Interior Design Marbella, Spain & London, United Kingdom.

Since 1993 Lyle Pewsey Architecture and Interior design has created sophisticated luxury projects in South Africa, Italy, United Kingdom, United States of America as well as Singapore and Spain.

Property Renovations Costa del Sol

Ranging from luxury residential homes to corporate offices and hotel interiors. Pewseys projects are rational, beautiful, glamorous statements with interiors that seamlessly integrate with architecture in mind.

His interiors are not trendy or stylistic. His designs have timeless quality.

Interior Desiners Costa del Sol

" I design by imagining the experience of moving through a space and exploring what the response of the client would be."

An exterior is not just about looks or how you fell when you are inside. It needs to be perfect.

Lyle works side by side with his clients to enable them to realize their dream rather than just an interior and when he receives phone calls years after completing projects still ecstatic with the work this only confirms what he has set out to do.

Bespoke Furniture Packages Spain

Interior Design Studio LP

Studio L P projects are competitively priced to math the current market and include a personal consultation with Pewsey.

By keeping overheads low in this department more attention can be given to the planning and serving of the client without compromising the product.

Property Refurbishmenst Marbella

Pewsey feels that just as everyone is able to afford a designer t-shirt from a well-known brand, he would like anyone to be able to afford an interior designed by him.

Every item in these turnkey interior schemes is methodically chosen by the design team and is approved by Pewsey before use. This is how he creates stylish but economically trendy interiors.

Villa Renovation

About Lyle Pewsey

Lyle has a passion for the contemporary architecture and his appreciation is reflected in the way he works with architects.

Advocating a design process, which encourages collaboration. He often works as a consultant to architects and frequently uses consultants on larger scaled projects of his own.

Apartment Refurbishments

Anyone who loves modernism knows Lyle Pewsey just by looking at one of his homes or spaces. They show the rational, glamorous statement of free wheeling Californian lifestyle or a South Beach meets Cape Town chic adopted by Pewsey.

Lyle Pewsey evoked a method-designing approach based on experience as well as an aesthetic approach.

His designs have a timeless quality that show style and taste in abundance.

Interior Architects Costa del Sol

Services offerd by the design studio at Lyle Pewsey are;

  • Interior Design

  • Hollistic Interior Design

  • Interior Architecture

  • Project Management

  • Landscaping Design

  • Property Refurbishments

  • Kitchen Renovations

  • Bathroom Renovations

  • Commercial Interior Design and Architecture

Essential Magazine, Marbella, Spain, has awarded Lyle Pewsey Interior designer and Architect of the year 2007

" The aesthetics and ambiguity of space and the choreography of light and versatility of architectural expression that defies imagination of the viewer."

"Space Flows seamlessly to create spaces with no boundaries, Pewsey adopts and adapts any number of characteristics to collaborate new ideas with new age material."

MYNT Magazine

Please contact Lyle Pewsey today for a consultation on any of the mentioned services on the numbers below. Alternatively you can visit his website.

Architects Spain

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